Wednesday, 2 April 2008

75 - 100

last 25 best sites, ever!

76. "Making the world a smaller place"
Now connecting over 33 million members worldwide!

77. "The No. 1 in Europe, on internet tyre sales!"

78. "Unique bag designed for fashionable moms"

79. "New movie reviews and previews"
Rotten Tomatoes!

80. "Train map, live and online"
Available in Swissland.

81. "Most popular Chuck Norris Facts"
Read and laugh !

82. "Free games online - win free presents"
One of the famous games in Europe.

83. "Intenet usage world stats"
Statistics and informations.

84. "Computer history museum"
Also you find the internet history.

85. "The freecycle network"
Changing the world one gift at a time.

86. "A slogans generator"
Sloganize !

87. "The voice of the city"

88. "Translate in to morse code!"

89. "Make your self at home..."
...Anywhere in the world.

90. "Real news. Always positive."

91. "One BIG BIG BIG photo!"

92. "Geckoandfly tutorials"

93. "Personalized letters from Santa Claus"
Sign up to be notified
when Letters from Santa are available for 2008!

94. "Babel Fish translation"
Translate a block of text or a web page.

95. "I want to say..."
Volevo dirti che...

96. "The car grave yard is not on my street"
Abandoned cars blog.

97. "Free blog"

98. "Change the world"
With photos.

99. "Shorten that long URL..."
... into a tiny URL.

100. "Send an virtual kiss"
+ other stuff about kissing!



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