Wednesday, 2 April 2008

25 - 50

second 25 best sites, ever !

26. "The pirate bay"
Get a pirate search.

27. "The church of stop shopping"
Reverent Billy's message.

28. "I can haz cheez burger"
You know it!

29. "A directory of wonderful things"
+ boing boing gadgets and boing boing tv.

30. "Where ART meets aplication!"
Join the largest art community in the world!

31. "Celebrity juice, not from concentrate!"
Welcome to
- Hollywood's Most-Hated Web Site!

32. "Blog tips for bloggers"
Blog tips to help you make money blogging!

33. "New in Internet products and companies"

34. "The illustration and cartooning blog"
Is a collaborative weblog for illustrators,
artists, cartoonists, and anyone who likes to draw.

35. "Find yout friends on hi5"

36. "100 people: a world portrait"
Download the world portrait lesson plan

37. "One laptop per child"
A low-cost, connected laptop
for the world's children's education.

38. "About the space, universe and planet"
Things you don't see every day.

39. "Learn how everything works"
It's good to know!

40. "Webcam network"
Online webcams around the world.

41. "Multiplayer online trivia game"
The world's largest trivia strategy game.

42. "The language learning network"
Learn language faster!

43. "Open your eyes"
Movie mistakes videos and pictures.

44. "Create an email to send to the future!"
Dear FutureMe,
............................. .

45. "Official home of the free hugs campain"
Give a hug!

46. "The social music revolution"

Start listening with

47. "Pet supplies, food and products"
My pet shop.

48. "Safe, trusted and spyware-free"
Free software downloads and software reviews.

49. "Broadcast yourself."
Home, videos, channels, community.

50. "Watch the world"
Share your photos.

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