Wednesday, 2 April 2008

0 - 25

first 25 best sites, ever !

1. "the first page on internet"
The first web page address was
which centred on information
regarding the WWW project. (year 1990)

2. "getting rich whille sleeping"
The concept basicly is that he ( Yde van Deutekom)
is locked in his bedroom for 23,5 hours a day
in front of a webcam wich can be viewed from his site.

3. "own a piece of internet history"

1.000.000 pixels, 1$ each pixel, sold out

4. "
Kyle traded one red paperclip for a house"
Started with one red paperclip on July 12 2005
and 14 trades later, on July 12, 2006 he traded
with the Town of Kipling Saskatchewan for a house.

5. "The world's biggest countdown"

almoust visits

6. "Become a movie producer"
my million dollar movie -
become a movie producer for the price
of a movie ticket: 10$ - 16.605 tickets sold

7. "all my life for sale"
John Freyer catalogued and sold nearly
everything that he owned, from his kitchen
cutlery to his personal hygiene products.

8. "The longest domain name in the world"

The longest name on the internet.

9. "Gateway to the best web sites"

10. "artists and fans make business"
artists - find believers
fans - chose artists

11. "The internet's longest web site"
See the whole wall,
buy one square inch for 1$.

12. "Videos by French Maids Ooo La La"
French Maid TV features viral videos by French Maids.

13. "You don't click the mouse"
A flask web site where you
don't need the mouse to navigate.

14. "The longest alphabetical email address"
It is so long that...

15. "The original antenna balls"
See the models.

16. "One day, one deal, one price"
sell one item per day
until it is sold out or until 11:59pm
central time when it is replaced.

17. "It's time you got a lucky break!"
Announcing a Revolutionary Advance
in Plastic Wishbone Technology!

18. "New & Used ...everything"
Welcome to eBay.

19. "Online Payment, Merchant Account"
The safer, easier way to pay without exposing
your credit card or bank account number.

20. "The web is your domain!"
Complete web solutions: domains,
hosting, sitebuilders and SSL.

21. "Google and Yahoo search"
Try it!

22. "Become a saint"
Become a saint today!

23. "Stuff for smart masses"
A geek store.

24. "Craiglist classifieds"

25. "The emo hangout"
Everthing emo.

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